NEW High Efficiency Water Heaters
In April 2015, water heater manufacturers introduced new high efficiency models as low efficiency models were phased out. Read how the changes in these new models help plumbers, contractors, distributors, and the general public understand the impacts and benefits of high efficiency water heaters. >>

How Saving Energy Means Saves Conserving Water in U.S. West 

Scientific America: Power and water are interconnected and that has serious consequences for the American West as it grapples with climate change. >>





The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created a quick and easy way for consumers to pinpoint water-efficient products and services. With the new WaterSense Program, smart shoppers can support eco-friendly companies by searching for the blue green label. Products that receive the label are praised for their advances in water, energy, and fiscal efficiency.  Companies earn the label by manufacturing high quality products and services that are at least 20% more water efficient. Since its launch in June 2006, the WaterSense Program has saved American buyers more than $14.2 billion in water and energy bills along with 757 billion gallons of water!

Watersense: Look for the label 

energy & water

"Water is needed to generate energy. Energy is needed to deliver water. Both resources are limiting the other—and both may be running short."​​                                                                                                                                  — MichaeL Webber Scientific American, October 2008