The EEEP mission is to educate consumers, businesses, government agencies, and the general public about energy efficiency and its benefits to society and the environment.

WHo we are

The Energy Efficiency Education Project (EEEP) was created to support the educational activities of the Energy Efficiency Business Coalition. As a 501(c)(3), EEEP can accept tax deductible donations and leverage relevant grant funding. 

Energy efficiency means using the least amount of energy in order to complete a specific service or task; it reduces waste and ensures that all energy is actually being used as intended. 

The first step in creating a sustainable world is implementing conservative and effective resource use with energy efficiency. The energy efficient industry not only helps the environment, it also offers financial benefits for consumers. For example, a house that is equipped with energy efficient windows can reduce the amount of escaped energy and therefore, reduce monthly heating costs. 

Do more with less

Energy efficiency is the first step towards creating a sustainable world.


  • Educate small businesses and rural communities throughout Colorado and surrounding states about the benefits of energy efficiency

  • Inform policy makers on the impact that energy efficiency has on environmental and fiscal issues

  • Spread awareness on the relationship between energy efficiency and water conservation

  • Offer solutions to the global energy crisis to achieve a sustainable world through smart energy use

  • Educate the public on innovative solutions that work to reduce societal dependence on conventional energy technologies

goals & vision

why it matters


      Unico Properties LLC, a real estate investor and full-service operator, is revolutionizing the way business’s look at construction – their remarkable environmental design is continuously creating economical, environmental, and societal influences. The Seattle-based Corporation values sustainability and is dedicated to developing buildings that are both high functioning and eco-friendly.  Since purchasing a run down 31-story Denver office building in 2013, the company has successfully completed the “ultimate recycling project”, which focused on interior reconstruction for clean energy.
       Many of the building enhancements revolved around replacing and revamping the outdated central plant mechanical machinery, such as the cooling tower, steam absorption chillers and boilers, and water pumps.  Unico also installed LED light structures throughout the interior of the building and the parking garage. The new and improved technology sparked a continuous flow of economical and environmental benefits; with modernization came efficiency. The massive renovation plan was fueled by innovative ideas and ultimately reduced energy consumption by 56%.
       After the transformation, the Unico building quickly soared to a top position on the energy performance scale; their ENERGY STAR score jumped from a moderate 52 to an impressive 89.  Unico is taking impressive steps towards corporate resource conservation and energy efficiency.


Lauren Poole, ​Executive Director 

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